Pope Francis visits an Ultreya!
    - Video of the Pope's audience with Cursillistas in Rome
      - Full one hour video-link: Euro-Ultreya
      - Two and a half minute highlight video: Rome Reports
      - Text of video in English here:  text

    Father Burke Masters on Relevant Radio's Morning Air show
    talks about Cursillo:  - Father Burke

    Fr. Burke was on Relevant Radio's Inner Life Program 9/5/19 talking
    to folks about PRAYER  How is your prayer life? Why is prayer
    important to our faith lives? Is it sinful to not pray? Father Burke
    Masters answers these questions and more about prayer and your faith
    life.  Podcast: click for audio archive of Fr. Burke on the Inner Life

    At a recent Fishers of Men evening, Fr. Burke Masters spoke
    extensively about Cursillo and the great tool it is in evangelization.
    Click to view the video of his talk.

    Why Cursillo? is a great place to start.  This document gives a brief overview of
    the Weekend, our history and the point of the movement.  
    - Why Cursillo?

    A more detailed overview of the Cursillo is found in this document:
    - The Cursillo Movement: What is it?

    Apostolic Endorsements is a set of comments Church Leaders have made
    about the Cursillo Movement.  
    - Apostolic Endorsements

    Your entrance into the Joliet Diocese Cursillo Community begins with an invitation
    from a Cursillista (one who has previously completed a weekend) who will serve as
    your sponsor.  Applications, which can be downloaded from the link below, have
    sections which must be filled out by the candidate, the sponsor and the candidate's
    pastor and then mailed to the Joliet Diocese Cursillo Movement’s Pre-Cursillo
    Chairperson. (The address is provided below and is also on the application itself.)

    Once the candidate’s application is processed, the candidate will attend a three-day
    (72-hour) weekend usually held at a Pastoral Center.  The Cursillo Weekend begins
    on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening. Transportation to and from the
    center will be arranged by your sponsor.

    The cost of the Weekend includes incidentals as well as room and board.   Snacks
    and beverages will be readily available all weekend.

    The Cursillo is an opportunity to form and live in community with other Catholics
    and clergy members.  It is immersed in Catholic Doctrine and the Sacraments.  The
    weekend begins with meditation and silence.  Daily Mass will be celebrated.  There
    will be morning and night prayer, rosary, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  
    Candidates may receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well as spiritual
    direction.  You will listen to 15 Apostolic talks, ten given by laity and five given by
    clergy, and will take part in small discussion groups following each talk.
Joliet Cursillo ~ P.O. Box 4247 ~ Lisle, IL 60532

    A Message from the Pre-Cursillo Chair

    Welcome to the Joliet Cursillo Pre-Cursillo Web page!  

    The information here will answer most all questions candidates and sponsors may
    have about attending a Cursillo weekend as well as regarding the Cursillo
    Movement in general.

    For Weekend schedules, please see the Weekends tab.

    If questions remain, please do not hesitate to use the email link or phone number
    below.  May all of us also take this opportunity to bring another friend to
    discipleship in Christ.  Ultreya!

    Irene Murray, Pre-Cursillo Chair
    Our Lady of Peace Parish, Darien
    - tel:     630-484-8324
    - email: himurrayfamily@aol.com
    A Message from the Pre-Cursillo Chair
Cursillo in the Media

    Small Group Reunions.  A meeting of friends (men with men, women with
    women) who meet weekly to share their piety, study and action and encourage
    each other in their ongoing faith journey.

    Monthly Ultreya.  The Ultreya is a "reunion of the reunions".  A aggregate
    meeting of small group reunions from Parishes within neighboring communities to
    share piety, study and action, listen to a witness speaker and share fellowship.  The
    Ultreya often follows a Mass.

    Yearly Ultreya Grande. An annual gathering of Cursillistas across the Joliet
    Diocese attend Mass and share fellowship.)

    School of Leaders.  Cursillistas who discern a call to become more involved in
    the movement are encouraged to attend a monthly Leaders’ School to study the
    Cursillo purpose and method as well as Catholic Doctrine.  More information is
    available here:  School of Leaders.

    More information is available about the Cursillo Weekend and the Movement in
    the section below.  Please take some time to review these resources.
    The Retreat that Never Ends

    The documents here are an aide to the prospective Cursillo Sponsor.  Please also
    consider using the above documents (Why Cursillo?, The Cursillo
    Movement: What is it? and Apostolic Endorsements) as hand-outs for
    your prospective candidate.

    Recently, a group of new Cursillistas assembled a list of the Top Ten Reasons for
    attending a Cursillo Weekend.  There are two versions, one for Men and one for
    Women.  Here they are:
    - Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Men’s Cursillo Weekend
    - Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Women’s Cursillo Weekend

    A Frequently Asked Question List addresses some of the matters which may be on
    the mind of the Candidate or Sponsor.  
    - Frequently Asked Questions

    Weekend applications may be found here:
    - Cursillo Application (English)  latest version 06/09/2022

    - Aplicacíon de Cursillo (español)

    Please print and mail applications to:
    Cursillos in Christianity, Joliet Diocese
    P.O. Box 4247
    Lisle, IL 60532
    Pre-Cursillo Resources for the Sponsor
    Pre-Cursillo Resources for the prospective Candidate

    The following link is to a video of the Sponsorship Workshop held Saturday
    November 22, 2014 at Our Lady of Peace Parish in Darien.

    The agenda follows that was published by the National Secretariat in July 2008.

    The workshop was hosted and organized by Ed Burjek, Fourth Day Chair and
    features presentations by the following members of the Joliet Cursillo:

    - Pat Simmons, St. Pius X Parish, Lombard
      - Importance of the Cursillo Method
      - Purpose of the Cursillo Movement
      - Purpose of Sponsoring
      - Sponsor's Responsibility

    - Donna Burke, St. Walter Parish, Roselle
      - Personal Contact
      - Authentic Witness

    - Tim Moore, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Naperville  and Lay Director
       for the Joliet Cursillo
       - Selection Process
       - Sponsoring Couples
       - Total Security

    Sponsorship Workshop (Nov 22, 2014)
The Cursillo - A Brief Overview

Joliet Cursillo
"Go into the
whole world
and proclaim
the good news
to all creation"
(Mk 16:15)