• All Fourth Day members are encouraged to become involved in presenting a
    Cursillo Weekend.  A great way to prepare oneself for this endeavor is to regularly
    attend the School of Leaders meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at
    St. Elizabeth Seton in Naperville.

    Fourth Day members considering team participation should be prepared to
    commit to attending ten formation meetings which will be held at a time and place
    of the Rector/a's choosing.  Prospective team members must be actively
    participating in small group reunion.  

    Any questions should be directed to the Three-Day Co-Chairs:
    - Ed Burjek
    - Gloria Burek


  • The Joliet Cursillo operates (usually) four weekends a year in English, two for men
    and two for women.  The Weekends scheduled below will be held at the Carmelite
    Spiritual Center in Darien, IL (CSC).

    Attendance at a weekend requires an application and a sponsor. Applications and
    more details can be found here on the Pre-Cursillo tab.  (Applications are also
    available at the bottom of this page.)

  • 2023 Cursillo Weekends

    2024 Cursillo Weekends

    Women’s 133rd : June 8-11
    Men's 141st : August 24-27
    Women's 134th : October 5-8
    Men’s 142nd : December 7-10

    Women’s 135th : April 4-7
    Men’s 143rd : May 2-5
    Men’s 144th :September 26-29
    Women’s 136th : November 7-10

  • 2025 Cursillo Weekends

    2026 Cursillo Weekends

    Women’s 137th : March 6-9
    Men's 145th : February 27-March 2
    Men’s 146th : August 28-31
    Women's 138th : October 23-26

    Women’s 139th : April 9-12
    Men’s 147th : March 12-15
    Men’s 148th :September 24-27
    Women’s 140th : November 5-8

  • Weekends 2020 - 2021 2022 Cursillo Weekends
    (all weekends were postponed
    due to the Covid19 pandemic)
    Men's 139th :  March 3-6, 2022
    Women's 131st :  April 21-24, 2022
    Men's 140th :  September 15-18, 2022
    Women's 132nd :  October 6-9, 2022

    Weekends 2019
    - Men's 137th: March 7-10, Rector: John Krzystofiak
    - Women's 129th: April 25-28, Rectora: Lauren Plasschaert
    - Men's 138th: Oct 24-27, Rector:  John "YT" Whitehouse
    - Women's 130th: Nov 7-10, Rectora: Mary Marten

    Weekend Application may be found on the Pre-Cursillo tab
    the bottom of this page.  Please print it and send it to the PO Box on the form.
    Upcoming Weekends

  • More information is available on the Pre-Cursillo tab.
    - Cursillo Application Form (English)    latest version dated 06/09/2022

  • Please print and mail applications to:
    Cursillos in Christianity, Joliet Diocese
    P.O. Box #4247
    Lisle, IL 60532

  • Cursillo Applications
  • Serving on a Weekend Team
Joliet Cursillo ~ P.O. Box 4247 ~ Lisle, IL 60532
Joliet Cursillo
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