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    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

    Do you remember your Cursillo weekend? Did it make you aware of
    God’s love, peace, and joy? Was it a life changing spiritual
    Although each of us had a slightly different experience on our
    Cursillo weekend, most of us remember experiencing the presence of
    the Holy Spirit, in a powerful way.  Either during a talk, quiet prayer,
    or Mass we had an encounter with God. Like the woman in the Gospel
    of John, who went to the well to fill her water bucket and met Jesus,
    we have also been to the well.  We have also met Jesus in a personal
    way and He filled us with His Living Water. He has given us a gift. We
    left our weekends with a deeper understanding of our connectedness
    as brothers and sisters in Christ.  

    Due to this experience most did not return home the same but with a
    sense of being part of a larger fourth-day community.  As part of that
    community we also understand that what we received on our
    weekend was not something for ourselves to keep hidden but a gift
    meant to be shared.

    God calls each of us to generously share what we have received.  One
    way the fourth-day community shares the gift of Cursillo is through
    an invitation.  However, some of the invited are unable to attend
    because of financial reasons.  Inability to cover the cost of a weekend
    seems to be occurring more and more.  Candidates who have yet to
    experience a Cursillo weekend might struggle with the cost, which
    has increased over the years. For some the value of a weekend cannot
    be appreciated or the cost fit in their budget.  It seems inconsistent
    with our call as the fourth-day community to allow finances prevent
    individuals from attending a weekend.  As a community our
    contributions, whatever the amount, will assist future candidates and
    the Cursillo movement.

    Will you help give the gift of Cursillo?  

    “Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst.” John 4:14

    Frequently asked questions about the Father Shimanek Fund
    FAQ Sheet <-- Download Here

    Video of presentation at Ultreya Grande (Nov 2014) on the Father
    Joseph M.Shimanek Fund by Tom Mayer,  Mark and Elizabeth Young
    - Presentation Video


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